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Nicola Twinn

Highly recommend Dr. Aseel; extremely competent within her field, undertook FemiLift and Emsella treatments with outstanding results.

Dr. Aseel is very professional and answers any concerns you may have and as a bonus one of the nicest doctors that I have met.

Mariline Candeias

Dr. Aseel is an excellent professional! I am her patient for over one year, she always receives me with her positive energy and approachable attitude, making me feel always super comfortable to expose all my concerns.

She pays attention to all details and makes sure the correct treatments are done.

As an advantage she is Aesthetics Gynecology which can help you a lot with your intimate concerns. Honestly, she is the best doctor in her field! Totally recommended!!! Couldn’t be more thankful to her! 

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Dr Aseel Abdulrazzaq

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